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About Karodeal Woodworking

Karodeal Woodworking, the world's leading manufacturer of ready-to-assemble furniture, has provided well-crafted, moderately priced furniture and friendly customer service for more than six decades. This commitment to quality, design, and personalized customer service has helped make us the eighth largest furniture manufacturer in Pakistan and one of the most recognized names in the furniture industry. You can find our furniture at retailers everywhere in Pakistan.

Karodeal Woodworking Company is one of the largest furniture manufacturer in the Pakistan and the largest producer of ready-to-assemble (RTA) furniture, a niche of the furniture industry that the company is credited with creating.

Karodeal Woodworking produces more than 40,000 furniture items each day at its technologically advanced factories, offering more than 30 collections in traditional, contemporary, and transitional styles.

Our Values


Quality furniture – YOU get the best quality furniture, locally manufactured.

Affordability – We sell directly to YOU no middle man.

No worries – Giving YOU piece of mind by supplying YOU a 2-year factory warranty.

Guaranteed Quality – 7 Day money-back guarantee to YOU on poor quality.

SMILES – YOU get what you want as we do custom designing around standard furniture.

Friendship – We are a small family owned business, YOU can communicate with our friendly staff or directly with the owners.

Designs – YOU can choose the design or supply your own design, choose the wood colour and fabrics.

VISION: Our vision Our factory creates jobs for many local citizens, giving them the opportunity to build their own future. Pension funds and holiday bonuses are just some of the perks we gladly make available to our workers, all to ensure that we have happy and willing staff that helps to build furniture of fine quality for our customers.


What we offer


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